A generic summary of what we believe is recorded in the Baptist Faith & Message. However, as a Reformed Baptist congregation, we further nuance our beliefs with the 1689 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith. Charles Spurgeon, the famed 19th century pastor, once wrote about this confession:

This ancient document is the most excellent epitome of the things most surely believed among us. It is not issued as an authoritative rule or code of faith, whereby you may be fettered, but as a means of edification in righteousness. It is an excellent, though not inspired, expression of the teaching of those Holy Scriptures by which all confessions are to be measured. We hold to the humbling truths of God’s sovereign grace in the salvation of lost sinners. Salvation is through Christ alone and by faith alone.” 

We are a confessional church, meaning we incorporate our confession(s) into our worship. We use them as teaching tools and guides for better understanding and articulating our doctrinal positions. These, along with the ancient and historic creedal statements of the early church, function as guides to keep us within the bounds of orthodox theology.